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Oh, now there's a whole new field. I never thought of using generative AI to create illuminated letters! I suppose you could also feed it a page of text and have it illuminate the entire page, too.
You can, but it would get the text drastically wrong. “S” worked consistently well, but using “J” resulted in “U” and “O” more often than not.


MidJourney, iColorama

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I couldn't tell you exactly why I like this one so much, though I think it has something to do with the over- and under-marking of those fine black lines. And I'm curious what those ruled lines in the upper half are. Some sort of arcane super-staff musical notation? But the lower half shows the AI can do regular musical staff/notation, so maybe the top is something else? I want to ask "What were you thinking, MidJourney?" but that's probably going to get me nowhere.
By the way...

"Miss AI is the world's first beauty pageant for AI-generated models..."

My reply to this article when it was posted on FB:

It does bug me that, with all the thousands of years of art history to draw from, we repeatedly see anime teens(?) with vacant stares and copious amounts of skin. And then [prompters] go ballistic looking for “consistent characters”, when everything they produce looks the same anyway!
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