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Lighthouse by Turner


In case you weren’t aware, the output from text-to-image engines has changed drastically over the last few months. About the time that WomboDream incorporated Stable Diffusion into their app, I jumped onto Discord, and tried MidJourney. Among the first prompts I entered was “lighthouse on a stormy rocky point, style JMW Turner”. I was blown away. This was so far beyond what I’d gotten out of WomboDream before SD that it has dominated my time exploring it. I was using WomboDream as a tool for pieces in a collage, or for manipulating my own image. TTI has quickly surpassed anything I could use in that way.

This image has been remastered from that original lighthouse because MidJourney has a new release in test. it’s even better than the one that rocked me 40 days ago.

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And here’s the first one from August 4.

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OMG. It’s all Greek to me, but the images are amazing. :hearteyes:
OMG. It’s all Greek to me, but the images are amazing. :hearteyes:
What I was trying to say is that the results from MidJourney and Stable Diffusion are becoming a finished product. I have been using them as elements in work that I then collaged together. This was the way that I assured, to myself at least, that I was still the creator. But now the results right out of the box are complete, with any changes that I would make being ridiculously superfluous.

They are amazing, but they’re not the purpose of this particular forum. I’ve got a few more that are pretty much untouched that I’d like to post in the next few weeks, but that will be all unless I start bending it to my will and making it a tool again.
Talking Heads - Remain in Light

WomboDream, iColorama

A couple of images based on the title, merged together.

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