Jerry’s Catch-All

The Emperor’s Mechanical Nightingale

WomboDream, iColorama

Isn’t this just gorgeous! It’s the best “watercolour” effect I’ve seen from any app anywhere.
BeCasso does a good job, as long as you play around with the settings. The standard presets are a little lacking. I increase detail, Wobbling, Sketchiness; either increase or decrease Depth according to my mood; and always decrease the boosted Saturation.

The things you and MidJourney come up with! Dali's Poems works, but my first thought was Cthulhu in a business suit. For existential horror, it's hard to beat modern corporations -- gotta move with the times.
But the actual prompt was “poems by Salvador Dali”. I liked the book-like portion, and ignored the tentacles.

WomboDream gave me this, which is more like what the egomaniacal Dali would do.

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