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Sunday Tile #2

MidJourney, iColorama

Sometimes, the tiling doesn’t fully work. MidJourney got it right vertically, but not horizontally.

Winter Goddess

MIdJourney, iColorama, GFP-GAN

MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, and other AIs can have trouble with eyes and hands. GFP-GAN is an online AI photo restoration app that can sometimes help. I used iColorama to paint the fixed eyes into the original MidJourney image.

“Hell Is Other People” - Sartre

MidJourney, iColorama

I don’t know how well it illustrates the quote, especially with three-eyed skulls, but I thought it looked cool.

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Agree. It’s very cool. I like that red strip at the bottom that looks like a Stonehenge-y strip of megaliths.
Sunday Tile 3

MidJourney, iColorama

Most of my tiles seem appropriate for wallpaper or objects like bags, pillows, or mugs. This looks like wrapping paper to me.

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I wonder how easy it would be to make wrapping paper with one’s own images.

( . . . and then one’s mind starts to boggle )
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