Mobi365 Jilly’s Project 365 - 2022


A threesome to start with.




On our walk today, we revisited the old railway carriage in the woods. DistressedFX (put through twice), Hipstamatic
Went onto os map but couldn’t find an old railway line anywhere near you……was this carriage just dumped somewhere…BTW good choice of Hipstamatic filters
Thank you Dave. We do have an old disused line very close to us, at Apethorpe. But this is in Southwick Woods. I think it was put there for the Forestry Commission workers.

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Another image from our walk today - lots of twigs and branches.
Hipstamatic, DistressedFX, Procreate
Really ”fairytaleish”, perhaps not a very nice fairytale though. I wouldn’t be surprised if an ogre or two showed up there

But most important: Happy Birthday dear Jilly:):inlove:
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