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jpclicks Project 365-2022

Sunset on the Mediterranean 111/365

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TouchRetouch, iColorama, and Snapseed

An update: My wife and I were both positive. We're in Israel where we must quarantine for 7 days. We left my son and daughter-in-law's apartment and moved to an Airbnb a block from the beach (which we can't visit). Yesterday's photo was from a different beach where we stopped so I could take a picture as we were moving. Tonight's photo was from our porch. I might be posting the same picture all week :lol:

We are very thankful. We are not terribly sick. We will still see our kids. We don't have jobs to rush back to. Just some inconvenience.
Great to hear, I was scrolling through to try to find out how you were doing :thumbs:
That will just give you 3 months of freedom… after that or when a new variant comes you can go through all of it again! Not worth it

plus, we never really how how easy or bad it’ll be. This virus is so random!
I heard on the news yesterday that you can be reinfected after 23 days. :eek:
Ramon Crator, Israel 117/365


The Ramon Crator is a crator naturally formed through erosion 225 million years ago. It’s 25 miles long and 6 miles wide. Last night we drove into the crator and went on a stargazing tour.

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