Mobi365 Maryinpecos Project 365-2022


Real Name
Mary Sherman
iPhone 13 Pro
Dropping into the 365 Project half way through the year! Glad to be here!

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I find the 365 to be a great tool to hone my “seeing” skills, except for those times when the day goes by and I need to grab a shot quick, like yesterday. :D
Laundry Drying
iPhone 13Pro + iColoramaView attachment 182026
Fab colours and edit Mary. Just so that we can get the full benefit of your images, instead of selecting “Thumbnail” when you post them, choose “Full image” instead. That way we don’t have to click on it to see the bigger picture :lol: .
maryinpecos I hope I have this sorted out. You can post all 365 images here. I will clean up the other posts later. I have to get to work now. I’d hate to get fired before I get a chance to retire! :D
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