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Mik's Project 365 - 2014

Wow Micheal I love all your images!! A fabulous 365 you've got going....really look forward to seeing many more of your edits! I think my favorite, so far, is GhostTown. The texture, lighting and feeling in this photo match the title perfectly...and I tend to create more dark photos often myself. :)
I really appreciate your comment. I do my edits like I feel in the very moment. Sometimes I see an old image, dislike it's mood and make a new edit.
Filaments of Colour

Just to celebrate an app called Motion Paint that @Lzed mentioned ;) today.


Motion Paint, iColorama
Kids having fun doing sports.


Procamera7 shoot and edit. Handy Photo to "uncrop" the 4:3 image to a 1:1, used "magic crop" to fill in sky and grass above and below instead of just cutting left and right of the image.
LOVE laundry day and plastic flower ....

Love how you uncropped a photo ... I would have never thought of that LOL!
Thank you very much. It's an interesting technique I read about the other day. This way you won't loose resolution on your image.
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