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Mik's Project 365 - 2014

Solingen knifes


Procamera 7 and SnapSeed
I am somewhat behind :) A lot of other things to do and for one week I had no internet connection.
But I will proceed with this project sooner or later :confused:
We'll be waiting whenever you can return!
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You are a fabulous community :thumbs:
Thanks for your kind words. It means a lot to me!
Thanks all! And it's good to be back here. All in all it's not soooo bad with this community ;););) No, I am just kidding. However, I just need some break from time to time. And so I don't supply a image a day. As I found, this routine is not what drives me. There are good days where I find images and days where not. Ok, cu ... :sleep:
Spring time

When you do shooting, always remember to look back and to look upwards. May be there are nice spots to discover.

This shot is totally untouched, no editing, sharpening, whatsoever.


Apps: ProCamera
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