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Mira Mobile Prize 2020 deadline May 4


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It's not as high profile as the Mobile Photography Awards or the iPhone Photography Awards, but the Mira Mobile Prize gets top-notch entries. See the 2019 results here:

You can enter up to three images. There's no fee to enter, but finalists are billed 32 Euro for "exhibition costs (printing, framing, mounting and communication)." If you decide to enter, you'll need to take a look at the FAQ because there are some specific requirements for file naming and submission process.

Deadline is 23:59 on May 4, 2020 (that'd be GMT 0, I think -- the exhibition is in Portugal).

And what can you win? "The winner of the Prize MIRA Mobile 2020 is a trip (round trip) from one of the European capitals to Porto (PT) including accommodation for 6 days. The best photo of the Portuguese authors classified earn a trip to the Picos de Europa ((Fotoadrenalina program). In Landscape category, the winner will have the prize 1 stay of 5 nights and 6 days in House of the Small Dragon TreeOn the island of Terceira, Azores."
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