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Thanks everyone for such interesting photos. Before I name the 3 photos I liked best, I would just like to congratulate rizole for the 2 groups of photos in the same place and different seasons/years. Very interesting!

In first place is WOTANICUS Bill with “There goes the neighbourhood”. Love the colours, the perspective and the creativity. Feels like a lazy, hot summer Sunday afternoon and I can almost hear the sound of the ice in the lemonade people are drinking to keep them cool.

View attachment 169046

In second place is sinnerjohn John with “Winter again”. Feels like it’s a scene from a movie and there’s a lot of snow, which makes it a bit “magical”.

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In third place is rizole with “Pleasure beach”. I feel all these 3 photos have similar tones and light and pleasure beach reminds me of the planet Tatooine from Star Wars:D

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P.S.: I wrote a few more things but every now and then all my words are deleted :eek: don’t know how to fix that.
Congratulations WOTANICUS Bill. Is this your first challenge win? High fives to sinnerjohn John and rizole Rizole.