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Mobi Members' self-portraits


Ok - slight caveat first. I'm the last person who should be posting selfies as its one thing I hate about social media, but thats a conversation for a different thread! So, having spent a few years photographing the inanimate and the natural, one thing i'm itching to try is portraiture. Having warned the family and received a blanket "bugger off with that camera!" I am a bit stuck for subjects, so having seen this thread I thought its as good a time as any to try my Iphones Portrait mode - on myself! So, here we go. The straight out of the camera, no filters applied shot and the Hipstamatic combo and magazine cover comedy shot! I blame the Cult of Rizole for the Nat Geo idea, having seen his gorgeous Rolling Stone covers!View attachment 169270View attachment 169271
I love it! :lol: Great self portrait, and perfect NatGeo mashup.
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