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RESULT MobiColour #231: Photos with human beings in them - 11 October, 2020


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I went back and forth between my two favorites for a long time, and finally settled on JillyG ’s “Portrait of Natalie.” As Jen said, “ ’soft’ & ’exotic’ “. Its got a beautiful monochrome palette and the arresting, mesmerizing dark eye grabbing one’s attention. The cropping of her mouth imparts an air of mystery.
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In second is ImageArt ’s “Men at work.” It too has a wonderful palette. Love the blue slashes crossing the canvas. It looks like a time lapse clip of a man at his desk all day.
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Third goes to lkbside ‘s paddle boarder. A beautiful Hipstamatic edit of beautiful landscape highlighte by the solitary paddle boarder.
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HM to Starzee ’s portrait of the ?Amish ?Mennonite boy.
(picture not attached as I’ve reached my maximum of 3.)
I am super late, but wow! these are amazing. Congrats JillyG Jilly! Your images of Natalie are always fabulous, and this stunner is no exception. ImageArt Ann I love this so much! Beautiful abstract... looks like a painting. lkbside Leslie, always in awe of your travels. Looks like something from National Geographic.