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MobiColour MobiColour #262 Theme: L I F E S T Y L E

'22' Hipsta
Right. A pulmonary, sorry culinary delight.
I must say, I am not drawn to this. One of my closest friends used to inadvertently eat this, not knowing it was an English delicacy! (I can hardly wait to tell her :lol: ) She would buy a McDonald’s burger and fries, take out the meat, replace it with fries, and happily munch away. I used to look at her like :flushed::barf:.
First time seeing/hearing of this…..delicacy? It looks like french fries (chips) sandwiched between white bread? :flushed:
Well - technically french fries are a little thinner, but yes. Chip Shop chips, probably fried in beef lard. Be thankful you don't live in Scotland, where its popular to have deep fried Mars Bars in batter!
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