MobiTattoos - Let's see yours!

Come on MobiPeeps!! I know with all the creative people out there we have got to have an abundance of ink... :sneaky:
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My tattoo is still the only one pictured in this thread ... I'm starting to feel very self-conscious about it! :whistle: and :eek:
I thought there was going to be a separate thread... I have two, will get them one here when I get good shots.
K Robert you are no longer alone here

I follow someone on IG who is a tattoo artist and a really good photographer as well. Perhaps he could answer your question. Come to think of it he might have posted a couple times here at Mobitog.
I have a bird of paradise on my left calf, but I'm not showing it until I get it re-colored... it's *thirty-three* years old (you might say I was ahead of time). My nose is pierced too, which you may or not be able to tell in my avatar (mebbe I see it just cuz I know it's there). I got that on my honeymoon... I was 39 and got it mostly just because I'm always looking for new places to wear diamonds, LOL! Still thinkin' 'bout gettin' a Cindy one of these days. Mebbe (and mebbe not, depends on how soon I start showin' my age). And I want a tiny black sheep tattooed somewhere but I haven't decided exactly where that's gonna be (I do needle arts but at that I'm a rank amateur... love it tho!).
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