MobiTattoos - Let's see yours!

It’s been awhile... hope everyone has had a fabulous 2019... came on and saw a thread about Tattoos... outstanding... have had a number over the years... but here the newest one... last fall / Autumn... showing a favoured scene... riding down the road towards the mountains... and if you look hard enough you may even spot the Christmas tree had added (since I’m a huge Chrimblee fan )View attachment 152481
Very unique! I love the perspective.
I figure if I can live every day the way I do, I can handle sitting through a tat! I hope so anyway. I'm going to get it on the underside of my wrist, wrapping around like a bracelet. the tips of the wings will touch. Still have to talk to a tattoo artist to get them to finalize the design though, that is my rough draft. I want to be able to see it at any given moment for inspiration. And to piss off family members that don't want me to mark on my body, cause I'm just evil that way HAHA
I think it’s some. Native American tribes that believe if you encircle a limb with a tatoo that touches forming a solid ring, that the limb below the tatoo band will sicken and maybe even die. Might want to have the wings almost touch instead....just in case
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