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The MobiTog Challenge & Contest Rules & Guidelines

These Rules & Guidelines will apply, generally, to each MobiChallenge that MobiTog members post to or enter. However, specific and additional Rules & Guidelines may be applicable to individual Challenges & Contests posted to or entered by MobiMembers, for example entry and closure dates/times. Specific Rules should be clarified in the Opening Post (OP) by the originator and/or MobiStaff.


1. One (or more at MobiStaff's discretion) member will generally submit a Mobile Photography iMage for each Challenge or Contest, or more if the Specific Rules permit, which is an image taken with a Mobile Device (Mobile Phone, iPhone, iPod, iPad or similar Mobile Camera Device) using the App/s and/or process/es set out in the Specific Rules, if any;

2. Apple is not a sponsor nor is involved in any way with any competitions on Mobitog.

3. In the event two or more iMages are to be posted, for a specific Challenge or Contest, entrants must submit each iMage in a separate post in the Challenge or Contest thread and ensure each iMage meets the criteria to be a qualifying entry;

4. Generally, anything goes in terms of processing, within the bounds of common decency and the Specific Rules for the Challenge or Contest, but entrants must document how they achieved the submitted result in their Challenge or Contest post, i.e. name the Device used to take the iMage and list each App used, in the order it is used;

5. Members may submit more than one re-worked iMage entry, if the Specific Rules permit and these should be posted in a separate post, with the same rules about detailing the apps and processes will applying;

6. After a period, if appropriate and as detailed in the Specific Rules for the Challenge or Contest, the Challenge setter/MobiStaff, or otherwise as detailed in the Specific Rules, will then judge the results and select an entry as the Winner;

7. Copyright in and ownership of all iMages posted including all associated stage process iMages, or subsequent re-posts will, at all times, remain with the original artist.

9. By posting their image in the Challenge or Contest thread the copyright holder grants MobiTog limited licence to use their iMage/s to promote the Challenge or Contest, or MobiTog, or the Promoter of the Challenge or Contest.

10. MobiTog may also use the iMage/s in its other Social Media outlets, in association with the Challenge or Contest, or otherwise to promote MobiTog, and will, each time it is used, if space permits, credit the original artist of the piece.

11. These Rules do not replace or override the General MobiTog Terms & Rules and, in the event of a conflict, MobiTog's Terms & Rules will take precedence.

12. These Rules are not exhaustive and others may be implied, or mentioned explicitly, in a MobiChallenge or Mobicontest thread, by MobiStaff and, by approval, by thread originators for the purpose of their particular Challenge to MobiMembers.

13. MobiTog's owners and staff reserve the right to amend, add to, delete or otherwise change these Rules & Guidelines and although we will always try to, may not necessarily communicate such alterations.

If in doubt about the application of these Rules, please ask MobiTog's Staff or the Thread originator before proceeding.
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