MobiTog Project 52 - 2015 - An iMage a Week for the Year...


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Welcome to the Mobitog Project 52 - 2015 a weekly challenge to take a photograph and challenge yourself to nail a shot at least once a week.

Especially for those among us who, for whatever reason, are unable to commit to Project 365... :eek:

The Project 52 Challenge is fairly simple - each week participants go and shoot it their iMafe for that week and
post the shot into their own 52 Thread here in the Projects Sub-Section = The MobiTog Project 52 - 2015 titled, for example, Smooth's 2015 MobiTog 52 - iMage Thread where participants replace Smooth with their own name of course... :D

How it works:

  • You think about your iMage during the week and go off and shoot it
  • You put this image into your own 52 Thread
  • You tell us a bit about your shot; how did you interpret the theme? What apps did you use? And so on, the more the merrier!
There are no fixed rules for this challenge other than the usual MobiRules and:
The shot MUST be taken and edited on an iDevice (as ALL images on must be)
The shot must be taken during that week for the 52 challenge.
You can of course, use your weekly image in other challenges, for example if you are doing a 365, or want to tie it in with one of the Hipsta/etc challenges.

There are no prizes for the 52, it is for your own satisfaction and to unite our global community. Although, if we have enough support, we could consider some sort of wider promotion at the end of the year, perhaps picking the best iMage from each 52 - ideas will be welcome and developed as we progress (please post any general comments on this and the 52 generally in this thread and not iMage threads!)

GOOD LUCK MobiTog 52ers... :rog:
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