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Mobi52 Project 2022 - SIGN-UP THREAD... :rog:




Hi to all our wonderful MobiMembers, it is decision making time of the Year AGAIN... :D

Considering embarking on a Mobi52 for 2022 instead of the more demanding Mobi365 2022?... :zip:

MobiTog has hosted this now Annual Event, since starting it in the New Year of 2012 and, whilst not all stayed the course for many, varied and personal reasons, everyone who participated absolutely loved it!

It is, without doubt, one of the best and most fantastic ways to improve and enhance your mobile photography skill set, as well as a brilliant record of your year, to look back on in the future (or even to make an Avatar out of!)... :thumbs:

Posting a picture a day for the whole year is tough and definitely challenging, but it can also be inspirational and motivational, especially when the going gets tough... :rog:

BUT... For those for whom a 365 is too much of an ask, how about joining us for a 52 in 2022?

Add your name below here stating - 'I'm in!' and anything else you want to add - to indicate you will be participating. You will then need to start your own thread, as per the guidelines, below:

52 Guidelines...
Please Title your 52 Thread as follows so they are easily recognised...

YourUserName's Project 52 - 2022
(Please remember to enter your own User Name though!)... :lmao:

It will be great to have as many MobiMembers (NEW MEMBERS are very welcome) sign up as possible as this provides an awesome team of fellow 52ers who will support and encourage one another throughout the year?

The idea is:
Anyone taking part must start your own 52 thread in this MobiTog 52 Project - 2022 Section.

You should then proceed to post your weekly iMages to your own 52 thread, from 1st week in January 2022 (or whichever other date suits each one of you!), where other MobiMembers will be also be able to post their comments and encouragement to 52 participants as well... :)
(NOTE - Please DO NOT post guest iMages into a person's 52 Thread when you reply to it!)... :sneaky:

Please remember to number and/or date each of your iMages above the title each day so everyone can keep track of your progress, even you! You will be surprised how helpful this practice is as the year progresses.

And, please try to add in as much information, processing and other detail about each iMage as you are able, as it helps other members. It will also be useful when you refer back to your Project 52, in the future... :eek:

Aside from the regular MobiTog Rules for posting and entering iMages, for any Challenge/Project, > HERE < pretty much anything goes!

Your daily iMages may be of any subject matter of your choosing and should, ideally, reflect your year in photographs - for example, some may choose to take all of their Daily iMages using a single App, like Hipstamatic, or use Black & White only, whereas others will chop and change throughout the year, the choice is entirely yours... ;)

All we ask is that each iMage is taken with and edited on a mobile device camera, such as an iPhone or iPad or iTouch, or Samsung/other platform equivalent Mobile Device, it certainly does NOT have to be an Apple iDevice... :whistle:

Need Inspiration/Assistance?
And, if the going does get tough, or you run out of ideas/inspiration, why not consider downloading Noel Chenier's excellent 365 partnering App (Learn Photo365 iPhotography Assignment Generator) to help you along the way, you can still use it for a 52 if you wish and can find it here >
Learn Photo365 App v3.0

So, we wish each of you and your loved ones a Very Happy, Healthy, Successful & Safe 2021 and to ALL of our MobiMembers, good luck with your MobiTog Project 52 - 2022 (should you be foolhardy brave enough to take up the Gauntlet Challenge).

But, most of all - ENJOY & CONTINUE TO STAY SAFE!...
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