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RESULT MobiZero Challenge : The Second Edition


Real Name
iPhone Xs
Apologies all: life, or something like it...

Jsi’s “Clean and well lighted place”
Cat’’s “Pink at Nassau”
Ted’s “Spectators”
These are the three images that literally jumped out at me. Now. Every other image is exceptional.
We recently went to brunch at Classic on Noble, a very sought after restaurant in Anniston, AL. I immediately felt right at home there. So much so that I only took two photos. Go figure.
Cat’s Pink capture is so full of amazing light and energy it just screams “Look at ME!”
Ted’s Spectators is, again, calm on the surface. I love that fog bank in the distance. It seems the Pacific Ocean has than no matter where you see it.
Everyone else well done. Y’all are beacons for me: this slice of your lives is a very welcome in the topsy-turvy world we currently inhabit.

Edit: sorry about the state of this post. I’m on meds that make that jumble look normal :whistle: ;)
Thank you dscheff :notworthy: I didn't expect that. Congrats to jsi and RoseCat!