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I would see it as much the same as using digital zoom I guess.

Certainly things like Pixel’s Super Res Zoom are a way to get more detail, computationally, than would be possible otherwise, other vendors will have their own spin on it, and have been around for years, in this case to take multiple frames and combine them, not sure its the same use case but Apple have similar Deep Fusion etc. Lots of details out there for all these options.
No filter, I like the reflection during the rain.


I upgraded my iCloud storage from 200GB to 2TB, it is a big jump, but I was about to run out, so needs must. Anyone tried the Halide for iPad update :). The update no one asked for, or is that harsh? Might fit some workflows, I was wondering if I could use it with the Instant RAW feature for shots from the iPhone, in iCloud Photo Library but I don’t think it works that way, don’t even see it taking photos on the iPad.
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