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Hi All.

The 365 link on the user info blocks has been tweaked.
It has been made a little more generic so that any user can link to any current 365, 52, personal thread page or gallery.
If you would like to add this to your Info block, click on your avatar at the top right in the menu and select Account details.

Scroll down to the Onsite: option and paste your desired URL here.


There are also new smilies onsite.
:thinking: :geek: :facepalm: :drool: :cry: :cautious:
If there's a smilie that you feel has been missing from the site that's on your must have list, please comment in this thread and I'll do my best to accomodate. :D
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I love those two also. And :facepalm:.
We seem to be missing the the emoji with two swirls for eyes? I use that a lot… especially when anyone is talking about math stuff. :lol:
Ah, I'll put it back then. I replaced it with o_O which seemed to fit better with the set we have but if you use it, I'll make it available.
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