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News Update...

A warm welcome to MobiTog!

And welcome to our informal, on-site newsletter, where we keep you informed about events, challenges and helpful hints to help you find your way into the areas that most interest you.

We value participation, and we encourage you to join in any challenge or post in any thread that catches your eye. We want to see your images, and we are interested in your comments and constructive feedback on the images others post.

Feel free to post your questions below - a friendly member will answer as soon as possible.

And you’ll see detailed invitations (and links) to our regular and our every-now-and-then challenges.

We look forward to seeing your posts and images soon!

Happy MobiTog-ing from the MobiStaff Team...

Jen, Cat, Lisa, Larry, Brian, Matt & Rog :)

PS: all members (not just staff) are invited to post relevant news.

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Calling all new (and not so new) MobiMembers!

It's never too late to start either a Project 365 (post one picture a day) or a Project 52 (post one picture a week). Start today and your project will be finished 364 days (or 51 weeks) from today! It's great fun; a great way to get to know your fellow MobiPeeps; and a great way to use all of those new photography apps you've been downloading.

It's very simple to get started. Go to Image Forums and click on Projects and Ongoing Work. Next, click on Mobitog 365 Project (or Mobitog Project 52). In the top right corner click on Post New Thread. This will be your thread in which you will add all of your photos so title it with your name (e.g Lisa's Project 365). If you have any questions just shout and someone will be glad to answer!!
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Mobile Photography Tips from Pros

Lenses and filters

View attachment 115377

“Any use of filters in photography is easier if you have the classic RGBCMY photographic colour wheel firmly in your mind. If you have the painter’s colour wheel in mind nothing will make sense. The same is true for any type of colour correction on images. Photography involves both additive and subtractive primaries. Filters pass certain colours and absorb or block certain colours.....”​

Read more excerpts and see more examples from FundyBrian ‘s textbook on filter/lenses here

iPhonePS Emil’s iPhone Photography School offers some helpful hints on how we can improve our black and white photographs. The article comes from an iPhone angle and some of the apps may be iPhone only, but I think the advice is pertinent to ALL mobile devices. See what you think: https://iphonephotographyschool.com/black-and-white/

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Mobi Weekly Appstract will start 7 January and run Sunday to Sunday.

Here is a chance to cut loose and show off your aptitude (or not) with filters overlays glitching reflecting layering painting altering double-exposing and more. Themes are chosen by the weekly guest judge (previous week’s winner) and could be anything from a colour to a shape to a letter or number, an occasion, a line from a poem or . . . something I can’t predict :appsir:

Come one, come all, beginners or experts, nobody cares — and besides, it’s abstract art, that wonderfully undefinable thing that invites you to forget the rulebook and just play :D

New members: please join in.
If you have any questions, you can leave a message here
or pm me by tapping on my name and selecting ‘start a conversation’


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Only one day left to support our inaugural Weekly APPstract Challenge - No excuses, you don’t even have to be an abstract artist! You need an imagination and one or two apps.

If you are a new member, or if you haven’t posted for a while, or if you don’t join in abstract challenges, it’s a great way to see the loopiest of Mobitog’s fruitloops in action. This week’s theme is ‘three wishes’. Not that anyone has paid much attention to that. terse Ted posted a picture of his dormant iPad :rolleyes:

Please have a look and join in here - APPstracting is a tried and true method for increasing your app knowledge and skills. Seriously. And your social skills. And your dress sense :mobibabe:

It’s channel your inner unselfconscious artistic child week in Mobi APPstract!
You can do some finger painting in your favourite sketch/paint app, pick a kid’s art lesson from our selection or dream up your own art game.

rizole has offered his family’s scribble game. What do you think you could make of this?:


See some of the versions coming up here

If you haven’t joined a challenge yet, this might be just the place to start :thumbs: Please join us for Art Games here - you will be warmly welcomed :)
This week in 2Weekly APPstract #10 it’s Fabricated Faces !

The faces have to be made from recognisable things (but not real face-things). Here’s one from JillyG - teapot handles, apples, eggs, an elderflower. . . The jury is still out on the nose - we’re not sure what it is :lol:


Please join in - art-for-fun is good for your brain. And you couldn’t post anything sillier than what we’ve already posted :thumbs: Here is the link :)