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It’s channel your inner unselfconscious artistic child week in Mobi APPstract!
You can do some finger painting in your favourite sketch/paint app, pick a kid’s art lesson from our selection or dream up your own art game.

rizole has offered his family’s scribble game. What do you think you could make of this?:


See some of the versions coming up here

If you haven’t joined a challenge yet, this might be just the place to start :thumbs: Please join us for Art Games here - you will be warmly welcomed :)
This week in 2Weekly APPstract #10 it’s Fabricated Faces !

The faces have to be made from recognisable things (but not real face-things). Here’s one from JillyG - teapot handles, apples, eggs, an elderflower. . . The jury is still out on the nose - we’re not sure what it is :lol:


Please join in - art-for-fun is good for your brain. And you couldn’t post anything sillier than what we’ve already posted :thumbs: Here is the link :)
Hey all you HipstAddicts!!
(or maybe you're just HipstaCurious??)

Come over to the Hipstamatic Challenge #15 and test out some paks!!

Budapest - Murray lens & Tilda film
Zurich - Andre lens & BlacKeys 1942 film

Mix and match the 4 lenses & films however you’d like.