Image of the Month NOVEMBER 2022 - WINNER!!!!

sdimbour Sandra
Portrait of a Young dog

Yes, yes I know this dog is already in the IOTM but look at it. Have you ever seen such a “I’m watching you” look on a dog? For some reason everyday, when I check on Sandra’s thread it opens up on this image. And every day I laugh my head off. I may have to ask permission to keep this image so if I’m feeling low I have a back up smile.
Image of the Month - November is now closed for nominations and OPEN for VOTING.

Three votes each. Please vote for three different images and no voting for your own image!:D

Voting should be like this:

#92 5pts

#63 3 pts

#43 1 pt

Voting will end on 7th December. Happy Voting! :lol:
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