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B&W RESULT:#127 Black & White Challenge


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There are many beauties in this weeks challenge, but the following hit me the hardest (in the best way of course)...

For first: As soon as I saw this one from terse I was in love. The warmth, the soft light, total contentment, the ageless feel... nice work my friend. This is just wonderful in every way.View attachment 145410

Second for me is Coronation80 with this one. The pattern with the lanterns is great, with just enough variation in lighting and texture throughout to keep my eyes moving.
View attachment 145409

Third is sdimbour with a wonderful street scene. The perspective pulls the eye to the silhouetted man wonderfully. For me there’s wonderful movement captured in that guy as well.
View attachment 145411

Really well done everyone. I love seeing what you all do every week.
Great piece of judging Jef - you’ve chosen three beauties. Super congrats to terse Ted and Hodge, or should that be the other way around? :D That is a gorgeous image and deserves top slot. A hearty slap on the back to Coronation80 Stephen for his unusual lanterns. And hugs to sdimbour Sandra for another wonderful street scene. Is that a baby’s dummy bottom left? Brilliant work from everyone again this week! I so appreciate all your support of this challenge - it’s nothing without you.

You will find me down at the Gallery, reclining on Ted’s sofa, stroking Hodge. Bliss!
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