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B&W RESULT: #155 Black & White Challenge


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Here we go.

First place is for a landscape, because I don't often love a b&w landscape but I love this one with its great values ... it still looks as real as if it was in colour, and there's a story thrown in, and a great framing device of leaves. Yes, it's sdminbour:
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Second place goes to TomHH for his eerie mansion... the lighting and contrast do a lot here, and the angle helps it even more.
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Third Place is a "found" painting. Thanks terse for always finding something surprising.
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I have honorable mentions again this week since there is never such as thing as only three worthy pieces :)

Kentaro Dodo sign.

terse RV parking.

dscheff Cat.

RoseCat Into the Woods

A lovey way to spend early Sunday evening. There wasn't a photo I didn't like but the challenge is meaningless if I pick everyone :)
Wonderful choices Carmel!
Congrats sdimbour Sandra!
Kudos to TomHH Tom, terse Ted and the HMs. Beautiful images, all of them. Thank you so much for my HM... happy to be included in this talented bunch. :inlove: