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B&W RESULT: #158 Black & White Challenge Ends 5th January 2020


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congrats Nagaisgich for your win. Great pic.
Well done as well Glasshousebc and GroovyGouvy
And thanks terse Ted for my HM.
See you all next week !!!

It took me a while this time, not only because we had two weeks of great photos but also because I had to stop every 30 seconds to blow my nose so that I can breathe.

First goes to Nagaisgich for "Christmas morning"

which also makes a good pair with "Intrepid photog in the snow."

A very close second goes to Glasshousebc for "Bandon Beach, Oregon Coast"

And see also his "A walk in the woods."

Third goes to GroovyGouvy for "The Girl"

Honorable Mentions to NickLeon's photos of Dante Marioni's blown glass, sdimbour's "I see you," tomklyn's "Christmas Day," younger's Joana, and all the MobiTog cats.