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B&W RESULT: #218 Black & White Challenge


IOTM Winner - February 2021
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First goes to sinnerjohn's "Whatever" where the dog makes the image. But the dynamics here are unusual: Even though the dog is tremendously appealing, every time I focus on it my eyes move automatically to the bored and/or tired accordian player. Wonderful street shot, in any case.


Second goes to Geek1956's "sculpture" for its dramatic perspective. And I hope you all notice that it's sharp from the tips of the in-your-face fingers to the hair on the head. Plus Dutch angle. I think a sculptor would like this shot.


Third goes to rizole's "Obligatory cat" peeking out from its cardboard box. Yes, it's a cat, and we see quite a few here, but this one catches it being so very cat-like. And I love the way everthing except the cat is simple, rectangular, and nicely divided.


Honorable Mentions to JillyG for "The beach huts" and to NickLeon for "The Lamb of God"

Lifetime Achievement Award to zenjenny for posting 3 b/w photos in a single challenge round.
Fabulous Shots all! Well done peeps.