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APPstract RESULT: APPstract #30 Theme: Triptych or Diptych or any tych


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There were a lot of images! I‘m guessing around 40 (I lost count around 32). It might be an Appstract record. It was one trippy ticket tych judging. (okay, I’ll stop now) As, usual, I changed my mind everytime reviewed the images because I would see something I hadn’t noticed before. I did hover around the same three multiple times so without futher waffling, here we go.

In third is juryjone Jerry for his self portrait. I like how the “tychs” are tumbling over each other, and the depth created by that and the shadow. Nice one!
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In second is JillyG Jill with her apple. It‘s uncomplicated at first yet the contrast between the organic apple and the techno stamping from Decosketch bring it to a new level. Wall worthy!
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First place belongs to ImageArt Ann for Flowering Blossom. I love the stained glass-ed-ness, the way it’s all the same image tied together in different versions, the lines.....And when I viewed it on my iPad with the black background, I just said “Wow!”
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It wasn’t easy, but there it is! Congratulations every one. Some fantastic Appstracts this week.
Fantastic choices of fantastic art work, Star. I particularly like the fresco-ness of Ann's winner. Kudos to all the entrants.