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APPstract RESULT: APPstract #41. 9 August- 2 weeks from 9 August theme: Back to Front, Inverted, Skewed, Flipped, Negative, Channels


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Well, not many entries but I still struggled to choose! Two I couldn’t choose between so first just pipped second.

First, JillyG - Me and My Shadow - love the metallic look combined with the patterns.

Second, sinnerjohn - Inverted Dog - your eye is just so drawn to the eye and the curiousness of the piece makes you look at it in detail. Cool. The sunflower piece was also intriguing.

Not doing third and HMs ’cause then I would end up adding everybody! :) Great attempts on the theme all.
Say what? o_O I was wandering upwards, thinking that this was the MCC thread, and find I’ve won the Appstract Challenge! Well, thank you very much Ann, and well done to sinnerjohn John too. Great work everyone! I suppose I’ll have to come up with a theme now. I’ll put my thinking cap on.