B&W RESULT: Black and White Challenge #296…..Ends Feb 25


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The Rules are simple:

* All images must be taken and edited on a mobile device: a mobile phone, tablet, iPod or iPad.

* Any app(s) can be used in the making of your image, editing is permitted, but this must be done on a mobile device (see 1) above).

* Please remember to add a title and a description of your image and what apps were used. We love to know how you did it.

Please also see the MobiTog Rules and Guidelines for all MobiChallenges posted HERE. Please note specifically Rule 4: Generally, anything goes in terms of processing, within the bounds of common decency and the Specific Rules for the Challenge or Contest, but entrants must document how they achieved the submitted result in their Challenge or Contest post, i.e. name of the device used to take the image and list each app used, in the order it is used.

Judge: terse Ted
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Wo, that’s dramatic. Those low clouds on the horizon . . . What were the actual conditions when you took the photo ?
Thank you. That was taken on September 26, 2020. It was late in the afternoon and I was traveling west, heading back to Seattle on the other side of the mountains. It was a mostly clear and sunny day. Those clouds started moving in during the afternoon, but it stayed dry. The clouds were so amazing, I had to pull out my iPad mini 2, the smallest functioning iDevice I owned at the time, and take a photo through my PT Cruiser’s windshield.
This challenge is now closed. terse Ted, it’s up to you to pick the champion.

With only one page of images this time around, it should be easy. :rolleyes: NOT!
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