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Elements of Surprise RESULT: EOS #171


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Congratulations to everyone who participated in EOS challenge #170! The Team took us on an EOS-inspired ride on the Hogwarts Express. :D Be sure to check out the final image in the Gallery. This thread will kick off the 171st challenge! Those interested in participating please sign up here. :thumbs:

Please see the Rules and Guidelines for MobiChallenges posted HERE.
Check out our past EOS final pieces in the Gallery HERE.

Specific Rules & Guidelines for this Elements of Surprise Challenge:

(1) Using apps such as, but not limited to, Juxtaposer, Superimpose, Montage, Image Blender and so on, this challenge is an iPhotographic "tag team" of sorts. Each person will take their turn, handing off the photo to the next person and so on until everyone playing has participated.

(2) There will be a "sign up" period and everyone who wants to play will go on a list.

(3) Sign up will last until there are at least 5 people on the list, then the challenge will begin. Any latecomers will be added to the list.

(4) Player #1 (determined by the first person who posts up the word "MINE!", which alerts the Team that they are going to take the next add) will post a simple photo containing one "element" of their choice. For example, a photo of a flower; a photo of just the sky; a photo of a winding road. OR, you can simply create a "background" image of just texture, with nothing else on it or it may contain ONE ELEMENT.

(5) Player #2 (again, the next person who posts up the word "MINE!") will then add ONE ELEMENT to the photo using any app of their choice. For example, add a flower, a butterfly or a kitchen sink. The only limits are your creativity!

(6) Player #3 will then add ONE ELEMENT to the most recent image, and so on until everyone has taken a turn.

NOTE: Your element should be chosen by searching through your camera roll and finding an image that you took, or a collage/art piece that you created - you can use either the entire image or a bit of something within the image - and create your add using blending apps to remove the bits you don't want, playing with different blend modes, etc.

If you have an idea for an add, but can't find just the right image from your own camera roll, this is a great photo opportunity to look around and find an image to snap. You can supplement your add with filters, etc. if you choose,
but the add itself must be something from your camera roll.

(7) Each player will be allowed 24 HOURS to add their ONE ELEMENT, otherwise their turn is forfeited and play moves on to the next player.

(8) In keeping with the title of the Challenge, the general principle will be to reach the end image and still be able to pick out each of the many single Elements that have been added along the way.

Working together and adding discrete and, more often than not, surprising Elements will mean every participant will be a winner in this game, as we combine all of our skills and creativity to contribute towards a final piece of art!

I'd really love everyone to step out of their comfort zones. So while I think adding filters is a great way to enhance and change the mood of a photo, in this challenge it should not be the ONLY "element". By element I mean some kind of object/shape added using Juxtaposer, Image Blender, Superimpose, etc. Feel free to use filters also, but an ELEMENT must be ADDED. :thumbs:

HELPFUL HINT: If you sign up for the challenge, you can "Watch" the thread and get email notifications. This can help to alert you to the Challenge's progress, as we all get busy and can't always check in every day.:thumbs:

Who will be the next participants in this fast-paced adventure? :D