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Hipsta RESULT: Hipstamatic Magic Challenge #15

I forgot about this one too.Tough combos this time, but I'll try to find something that works with the BW one.

I'm always thrilled to see a hipsta challenge, but realize the audience is limited.
Surely a photo sharing site is all about visual stimulation?
For me, this place is way more than *just* a photo sharing site. If it were only that, I probably would have "disappeared" too.... And yes, photos visually stimulate. I'm talking about "over" stimulation, which is something I personally feel when there are an abundance of images. But I understand that not everyone feels that way, and everyone's idea of "over abundance" is different. :thumbs: I feel the same way when I'm eating in a restaurant that has a menu that needs an index to sort through it. :barf:

Gain, nothing. Learn, who is serious about keeping this site active.
All right... so then, the people we deem not "serious"........????? :confused:

I do love the pink tones of the Budapest pak...


Zurich is not my favorite pak either (odd because the BlacKeys films are usually my faves), but it can give an image an old-timey feel... FYI if you turn off the frame it removes the “grunge” (I kept it turned on for this one.)
rajesh Maybe you'd like to give Hipstamatic a try? :D

Budapest - Murray lens & Tilda film
Zurich - Andre lens & BlacKeys 1942 film

Mix and match the 4 lenses & films however you’d like.
How to do that.
Open the Hipstamatic app and upload any photo in your camera roll, and apply any of this challenge's listed films (Tilda or BlacKeys 1942) and lenses (Murray or Andre). Hopefully you have those paks...? Then post your images in this thread, listing what film/lens you used.
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