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    Nominations for the November Image of the Month (IotM) close at the end of the day on November 30. Get your four nominations in now before it's too late. It's the People's Choice!

Image of the Month RESULT: Image of the Month (IOTM) DECEMBER 2022

Nominations so far…

19 WildPlace Yvonne Seonaid looking rather 007


Simple and striking. And the pop-cultural reference is a bonus :thumbs:
(I bet Starzee Star would like to see the BW version in this week’s challenge


Sorry for c&p, none of the MobiTog edit tools work for me on my Pro Mini (the menu is permanently greyed out - and while I’m complaining I can’t tap and drag to select text either)
Image of the Month - December is now closed for nominations and OPEN for VOTING.

Three votes each. Please vote for three different images and no voting for your own image!:D

Voting should be like this:

#92 5pts
#63 3 pts
#43 1 pt

Voting will end on 7th January.
Happy Voting! :lol:
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