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iMage of the Month RESULT : *****Image of the Month July*****


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We've had the allotted 7 days so its time to wrap up. I'm not here to pass any artistic judgement (although thank the dear lord rizole's toes never won) but just to add up the numbers.

TomHH, sdimbour and chineezguy were nominated but didn't cast their votes.

So DRUM ROLL....with the most votes terse 'Moody' Ted with (correct me if I'm wrong) the first self portrait to win IOTM.
View attachment 169766

Well done Ted, another month of stand out images created by YOU and voted for by YOU, well done all.
The next highest votes were for dscheff and dscheff :)

Thank you all that took the time to vote whether nominated or not :thumbs:

August IOTM will be open shortly........AUGUST
Bravo terse Ted!! Just love this portrait.