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MobiColour RESULT: MC #165 Theme: Movement - March 25-31, 2019


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GroovyGouvy We miss you!!! I’m guessing you’ve been super busy so maybe you can share a photo of you running on your way to whatever your next thing is.... :D ;)


In for it!
Wow, what app are you using for that??
I'm trying out zoetropic and Photo in Motion which add movement to pics creating a video file, which I've then converted to a gif using a gif app.
Both zoetropic and Photo in Motion do the same thing and there looks to be other clones in the play store. Zoetropic produces higher quality but file sizes too large for web. Neither provide good enough settings to control the output video but photo in Motion allows control of height and width of the final video.
One of the problems with android is there are many apps which are basically clones of each other. I imagine the basic apps gets sold to developers who tack on an ad server and package it up as something different. At least ios apps have a little originality, innovation and imagination in them.