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MobiColour RESULT: MC #179 Theme: Summer (or the current season in your part of the world) - June 30-July 7, 2019


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I grew up in Sacramento, in the middle of California's Central Valley, where summer meant cloudless skies, frequent 100 degree (F) temps, the smell of water on hot pavement, balmy nights, and shirtsleeve weather at midnight. It also meant lots of time spent on tennis courts (playing in club matches or providing cannon fodder in tournaments), watching oval track races (sprint cars and super-modifieds) on the local junior college track on weekends, and the smell of chlorinated swimming pools. Some of this week's photos brought back those moments, while others conjured up whole different worlds of summer that I'd never seen.
Fab choices terse Ted. :thumbs: Your Summer description and Coronation80 Stephen's image should be set to this:

Congrats Stephen....well done!
Check out Stephen's HOT summer image in the Gallery HERE.

Fist pumps to Starzee, rizole, MsDee, MotownLarry and sinnerjohn ! Happy Summer MobiPeeps!! :D


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Thank you for my second place and congratulations to all the other’s. I was taken, not just the colors of @Coronation80’s image, but the perspective. Very cool.