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MobiColour RESULT: MC #191 Theme: Everyday Objects in the Wrong Setting - September 23-29, 2019


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iPhone 7 Plus
With our intrepid friend still on the road, I’m going to CLOSE this challenge and ask Coronation80 Stephen to judge. Whenever you’re ready Stephen. :thumbs:
Thank you (again) my dear!
I arrived in Washington yesterday and between seeing my mom, arriving at my friend’s house, unpacking my car and setting up in my Sweet Suite that they created for me ( :inlove::inlove::inlove: ) and having bruised rib muscles from coughing (ridiculously painful! Who knew this could even happen?? My rib area on one side is sore to the touch as if I was punched, and hurts to cough or laugh :tired:) + my cough kicking in to high gear :barf: .... well, I forgot what day it was. In bed now <trying to> not cough rest.....