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MobiColour RESULT: MC #192 Theme: False Impressions - 30 Sept-6 Oct, 2019


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These kind of pictures were the “in”thing in Street art some years ago . I have quite a few of them, mainly scenes of deep holes in the ground etc. But won’t invest the time to find them since the point has already been made .I remember people walking around the painting in order not to fall in which was funny..
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Found the pictures!! Had to go back to 2015 and through a lot of disks. :lol:

Dad And His Pet

View attachment 150165

Apple cam, Snapseed
And here is how the next image looked from another angle

View attachment 150166

And here are my parents
Ready To Fall

View attachment 150167

Apple cam, Snapseed (and all on iPod 5th gen)
Gouvy Behind The Mirrors I

View attachment 150168

Gouvy Behind The Mirrors II

View attachment 150169

Fusion on iPod 5th gen, Snapseed
2016 at Covent Garden, London
These are great Gouvy!!