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MobiColour RESULT: MC #197 Theme: Pop A Colour in the way of "Sin City" - November 4-10, 2019


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Movie/film like Marvel Comics. But here you really get the comic strip feel. Google it and find some pictures. It's fantastically photographed. Forget about the story and simply dive through the visual drug. It's just eye candy. :hearteyecat:
Looks like I’ll have to rent this from Amazon. Anyone see Dick Tracy? It was all pastels. I loved the way it looked. This is a fantastic challenge.


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Narrow spectrum colour.

I was thinking today... yes, you probably heard the gears grinding, that if Sin City was a movie, the colour effects used wouldn’t be anything like colour splash that required frame-by-frame hand work to mask one area to show the colour through a B&W layer. It. Would simply be a LUT or selective colour effect that could be applied to an entire video clip, without any selective hand work.
In this picture I have simply shut off all the blue, green, cyan, violet and yellow parts of the spectrum while cranking up the two reds and a little of the orange. There’s an interesting illusion of blue in the sky but there isn’t any blue there. Just grey. It is the proximity of the pinkish red that makes the grey look a little bluish.
Instaflash Pro.


And just as easily you can shut off all colours except green with no handwork at all.