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MobiColour RESULT: MC #207 Theme: Harmony & Balance - January 13-26, 2020


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Now we are 6.
Two reasons, a) maybe people are too busy (or ill like Ted, got your sick note Ted excused) but seriously how can you be TOO BUSY for Mobitog, what's up with you people?? :p
Or b) we are concentrating of the words 'harmony and balance' a little too much. For me trying to interpret harmony, not the singing kind and balance not the physical kind, has proven a little difficult. They are more feelings, not sure of the right word (where's zenjenny when you need her), rather than a physical thing to look at, if you see what I mean.
I'm not saying its a bad theme, just one hard to interpret, unless someone tells me different.
Yes a but tough to interpret. I’m leaning on the “mindfulness“ part :)