MobiColour RESULT: MC #217 No Theme - April 6-19, 2020

I've been struggling with the sheer number of excellent images in this challenge. I have 7 finalists and I could be equally happy with any of them. But of course, I need to pick a winner. Rather than get all nit picky about each image I decided to go with what speaks to me personally.
Numero Uno: rizole 's Roots.
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I could gaze at this image a long time and not tire of it. The enduring struggle of life and the elements. The colour is pleasingly rich, nicely exposed. So much intriguing detail and texture. The sweep of curve is a very satisfying compositional element. I would be happy to have the on my wall.

Second: mcmillan, Coastal waves, slow shutter.
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A meeting of Earth, Sky, Water. Timeless. I like how the curve of land and the more direct line of wave meet at the focal point. The use of slow shutter helps in conveying the motion.

Third: lkbside, Details, Rock lichens.
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Nature taking its own sweet time. I'm always amazed at how lichens can survive on bare rock. The colours subtle but enticing.

To me all three of these images have holding power that can stand the test of time.
Congrats rizole and mcmillan ! Thank you FundyBrian for the mention! I haven’t taken very many photos lately and had forgotten that I posted!
These are wonderful! You may have seen my post whining to Jilly about my love/hate relationship with Hipstamatic. I would really like to practice more with it. Tell me, do you eventually learn which images will go best with which combos? And, if it’s not too intrusive, do you usually set the camera up first, edit after or maybe both?
I mainly shoot with the iOS camera and edit afterwards. Depends on the photo what I use, but obviously there are way too many possibilities.
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