MobiColour RESULT: MobiColour #319 Theme: No Theme

11 flowers, 4 birds, 7 spirit levels and the inaugural rail fatality this week. Nice work everyone.
HM's to zenjenny's The view from outer space "I'm not the man they think I am at home, oh no, no no..." and Starzee's heron. Lovely mutued textural whatsit to that.

In 3rd this week is terse with Poppy and apple. Simple, stylish and conceptually intriguing. Get apple to pay you for do their marketing Ted.

2nd is Jacosta with whom I presume is Fritz. everything is grey blue except the red yellow smudge of the sky. Lovely palette, nice framing and angle. Fritz should start paying you to do his marketing Jodi.

Our winner this week was the first to post. It's deepop with Senescence.
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Achingly beautiful and delecate. The purpule in the flowers balanced against the graduationon of the canvas from reds at the bottom to blues at the top works just so, and the textures and shades are scrumptious. Perfect.
Thanks so much, rizole. (And thanks to Starzee who suggested I put that photo in the challenge.) Congrats to Jacosta , terse , zenjenny and Starzee.
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