Rizole Overexposed

Possibly my oldest mobile selfie, certainly my oldest still in production.

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Taken by my son on my HTC desire S with one of the built in filters. 2013 I think.
This selfie is what I've used for all my professional/work accounts, blogs, linkedin, everything.
I like it because at smaller scales it looks pretty much like a straight selfie but as the resolution increases so does the "pixelation". I also like that it's likely to fox facial recognition AI yest still remains human readable and, as I'm in a techy role at work, kinda reflects the work I do and passes for reasonably professional. The fact I've used it for everything work related to the point of spam means the less professional work I post elsewhere is less likely to be associated with work.
So that surprised me. Here's that very picture on my records at my dentist. I uploaded this once to gravatar years ago and it gets everywhere.
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