rvilhena Project 365-2022

Final result! To be honest I don’t know if I like it…
Your bathroom is beautiful! I think the cupboard blends right in… or is it the positioning you don’t like?
It seems that it taken some space from the bathroom…perhaps it is too big. Well, but it actually accomplished it purpose, it is spacious inside!
It is called a Portuguese Guitar. It is a traditional instrument in Portugal. If you search on YouTube for “Fado”, a typical Portuguese music style, you will find the Portuguese guitar. It has 12 strings with a quite difficult technique to play. On the right hand we can only use the thumb and the index finger to play. Each guitar is made by the same builder, from the start to the end. Each guitar is unique, like a piece of art. It has an amazing and very characteristic sound! Tomorrow I’ll post a photograph of the guitar (I’m on bed now…).
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