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I hope this makes you all HAPPY ! :p


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Most excellent blog Tina and thank you so very much for extolling the virtues and enormous potential of MobiTog - THE iPhoneography Community for iPhoneographers worldwide!

We would welcome you duplicating this blog (and any others you may wish to) into the MobiBlog section on our main Community site @

Thank you again for promoting our iPhoneography Community - we will welcome all iPhoneographers of all ages and abilities whereever in the world they may be... :eek:)

Rog... :)

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Rog, your welcome...I played with this place on my iPhone & laptop. Explored it & figured out most of it.

I've figured out how I'm going to blog on here too. I'll post the Combo Apps Blog in the tutorial section. I think I can copy & paste it. I'm hoping the screen shots will show up...if not I'll figure it out.

My goal is to write a book...

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That sounds like a reasonable plan Tina... :thumbs:

And good luck with the book, you sound like you are heavily into this iPhoneography addiction to the nth degree... :D

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