Star’s 2024 365 or is it 366?

Mike and I have been looking for this owl nest for some time. Finally saw it. Sorry for the poor picture quality….super zoom.
Mike was busy, so Rosy and I went on a walk at the Refuge by ourselves. After I decided to go down the Wildlife Drive to look for goslings. (The MCC for the goslings) But this guy posed for me. Cleaned up in Procreate then, Snapseed.
Me either. I was reading it the wrong way around, as if it were a hanging item viewed straight on rather than something viewed top down. There is a clue -- that bit of grass at the bottom -- but I missed it.
Same here :)
Is the top one an image shot with the newly released feature Action Sampler?
Yes, it is. With ImageArt Ann’s preset which I FINALLY got to download. It didn’t go right into Hipsta, It downloaded to Chrome, then I had to “open in…” Hipsta.
We thought we would repeat a bird watching walk we did last year on the pedestrian side of Howland Island. For 15-20 years this bridge has been closed to cars but open to hikers and bicyclists. Not any more….

Bummer…. Then
While I was smoking ribs, pork tenderloin and salmon yesterday, I noticed flames were seen where they shouldn’t have been. On further investigation today, the bottom of my smoker is shot.
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