Star’s 2024 365 or is it 366?

Lorraine's a miniatures fan, and she was impressed by the upholstered furniture.
There was even a tiny quilt in the bedroom. Also there is a very old, very beautiful dollhouse in the same room. I’ll try to photograph the furniture in that, if I can get to it. It’s against the wall right now.
A tree at Fair Haven
I promise not to post this many pics again, but I did break into the victorian doll house at the museum.
The entire house, bear in mind the museum ceiling is 20’ high, the bicycle wheel is 4’ in diameter



Odd place for a toilet…..


Coincidentally, Lorraine brought home a dollhouse from the thrift store. It's a large one, very sturdy and obviously handmade with care. She's going to strip it out and redo it, maybe 30s style (the idea of the moment).
That will make for many photo ops.
Mike and I went off “following the bird trail”. Someone reported seeing horned larks so we took a ride to the area. usually we don’t see what we’re looking for, but this time they were waiting. Really it’s a horned lark. Trust me…..
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