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Welcome to the 7th Hipsta Combo Challenge!

Hipstamatic – probably the most iconic iPhone photo app. We all use it, we all love it – but how well do we really know it?

MobiTog wants to take you out of your comfort zone by randomly choosing two sets of combos each week and challenging you to produce the best image you can with one of them. Are you hip? Then let's go!

This week’s combos:
Combo A John S (lens), Float (film), Tasty Pop (flash)
Combo B Roboto Glitter (lens), Cano Cafenol (film), Dreampop (flash)

What exactly do I do?
  • Select either Combo A or Combo B.
  • In Hipstamatic use at least the lens and film from your chosen combo to produce an image. Flash is optional (use it if you can but you won’t be penalised if you don’t).
  • Shoot your picture using any idevice (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) of your choice.
  • Post it to this thread. Include which combo you used and a title, to help identify it in the voting.
  • Hipstamatic is the only app you can use for this challenge.
What if I don’t have the Hipstamatic elements listed?
We hope that by having two combos there will be enough alternatives to give everyone a fighting chance.​
Can I enter more than one image?
Yes, but please don’t go crazy! The more images you enter the more you risk splitting your total vote.​
Can I mix and match elements from both combos?
Can I perform any extra processing on my image?
No. We think it fairer if everyone produces a ‘nekkid’ image to best display their skill with the chosen combo.​
What Hipstamatic camera case can I use?
Completely up to you. Knock yourselves out! :)

How to vote
We’re trying out a new voting system for this challenge. Let us know how you like it.
  • Voting is by poll only.
  • After the challenge a poll will be posted listing all the entrants.
  • You can vote for as many images as you wish.
  • Please vote based on how well you think the image has used the chosen combo.
  • The winner will be the image with that receives the most votes.
Specific Rules & Guidelines for the MobiTog Hipsta Combo Challenge:
1. Select either Combo A or Combo B from the choice offered.
2. Produce an image in Hipstamatic using the elements listed in your chosen combo. Flash is optional.
3. Submit your image to this thread along with the name of your chosen combo (and if flash was used) plus a title. There must be no additional processing to the Hipstamatic shot you submit.
4. The Challenge will run for most of one week from Wednesday, 21st December 2011, closing for entries at, or around, midnight on Tuesday, 3rd January 2012.
5. After the closing date MobiTog members can vote for their favourite images using the poll that will be posted.
6. The winning image will be the one that has received the most votes after the poll is closed. In the event of a tie there will be a casting vote by a member of MobiTog’s site staff.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no Hipsta Combo Challenge next week (due to some pagan festival or another). Instead we will gather back here on 3rd January for the first Hipsta Combo Challenge of 2012!

Please see the Rules and Guidelines for MobiChallenges posted > HERE
Aaron Davis said:
This has fast become one of my favourite Mobitog pastimes, to the point that I've forked out approximately $15 in the last couple of weeks catching up on retro packs etc. You've created a Hipsta fan Richard. :)

Sent from my iPhone using MobiTog

Me too.
My pleasure, people (and thanks for the commission I get from every HipstaPak sold to MobiTog members! Yeah, I wish. :(). How many other branches of photography give you this kind of fun? :D
Little Red Riding Hood. Combo A.
Red Riding Hood.JPG
Barbee said:
Here is mine, not as clear as I would have liked, she moved a bit when she stuck out her tongue
Used: Combo-B-Dreampop flash
Title ~Pooh On You~

Mine tries to look tough and sticks his lower teeth out. Very nice shot.
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